“Mountain Time” Grandfather Clock

Ron Shanor

Mountain Time Grandfather Clock with atomic timepiece, hand-selected burl, hand-carved wood and antler details.


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About this piece

This impressive piece showcases the unique vision Ron Shanor brings to his work. At almost 8’ in height with many whimsical elements, this clock makes a statement about the owner’s taste, humor and philosophy. The dial eschews numbers in favor of the statement “MOUNTAINTIME” while the hand-selected burled wood outlining the entire structure projects a rugged strength. Stained glass, antler details and a well-lit cubbyhole shelf to showcase a special piece add to the overall charm. Perhaps the most subtle yet most appealing element is the hand carved cabinet door of the moon rising over the mountains surrounded by stars.



23’’ D X 29’’ W X 93’’ H


125 lbs


Rustic brown, Black, Brass, Red

Made of

Burl, LED Lights, Stained Glass, Antler

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.

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Standard UPS



Ron Shanor


Ron lives in Cody, WY, the heart of the western design movement. With his home only fifty eight miles east of Yellowstone National Park, the natural beauty of his surroundings offers a wellspring of inspiration which is reflected in his work. Each piece of furniture is unique and carefully hand-crafted using lodgepole pine, aspen, and burl. Ron spends part of his summer selecting and gathering just the right pieces of wood for projects that will be built during the winter months.