Tines Down

Ashley Delonas

Stained glass chandelier.


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In a gorgeous symmetry, “Tines Down” entrances viewers as light flickers off a seemingly infinite spiral of patterns. An octagon formed through eight individual panels of stained-glass are united through their soldered joints. A metal frame reveals a tribal pattern that replicates itself around the pice. Each band of the pattern is a different color. The red and orange glass casting down warm beam of light alongside the cool tones reaching through the iridized turquoise.

The spiral continues as you move around the piece. Trickling down from the glass are strands of delicate earthen tones constructed from the bone of antler tips, forming a skirt around the piece. Each antler, collected by the artist in her Idaho home, is individually cut, sanded, polished, drilled to fit, and meticulously placed against the others. Tips cascade around you, circling, swaying in new directions in kinetic response to your own movements.



30’’ W X 36’’ H


20 lbs


Red, Orange, Black, Turquoise

Made of

Stained Glass, Antler, Amazonite

Care instructions

Gently Dust



Ashley Delonas


Ashley Delonas is an Idaho based artist with a talent for creating mountain-luxury, sculptural-lighting using naturally found materials from her western landscape. Every year, Ashley and her family trek countless miles to collect the abandoned crowns of elk, moose, deer, and to unearth precious gemstones, crystals, and ancient fossils to integrate into her work.

Ashley’s signature style creates a visual tapestry, weaving together geometric panes of colorful stained glass, bonded and fused together, with elements from the earth that bring visions of western wildlife into the form of ornate chandeliers.

Ashley Delonas’s work was recently showcased at the 30th Annual Western Design Exhibition & Sale located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she received an award for honorable mention in her category. Prior to this event, Ashley’s growing career has led her artwork to be featured in Mountain Living, Jackson Hole Scout Guide, Shoutout Arizona, East Idaho Business Journal, and as a guest speaker on the Smart Art Business podcast. In September 2021, Ashley was also featured in “Bugle” magazine, sharing her story of how being a female bow hunter has tremendously influenced her artwork.

In July of 2019, Ashley was featured on Idaho Public Broadcasting System in a series titled Outdoor Idaho.  This television program featured Ashley in an episode called “Crafting a Living.” Where they document her process of finding and transforming moose, elk, and deer sheds into magnificent pieces of art. Ashley has also been featured in the Idaho State Journal by showcasing her success in forging a career in art and how her success as an artist is mirrored in her tenacity as she has overcome the challenges of being one of a handful of women to summit all of Idaho’s 9 tallest peaks.

Ashley graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Minor in Outdoor Education. Her senior thesis exhibition titled “9 Peaks” was presented in the Compartment Gallery, at Idaho State University in the spring of 2016. Ashley received an award for Best in Mixed Media category for the Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition and Scholarship Competition at Idaho State University.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Ashley’s passion for climbing tall peaks and shed hunting are always reflected in her work; where bone became her canvas and glass, nature, and light became her medium.