The Huntsman’s Speakeasy

Brad Greenwood

Hand created with a variety of woods, including an original oil painting by Jesse Greenwood. This perfectly exquisite personal size bar emanates the charm and elegance of an early European hunting cabin. It is perfect size to fit well within a multitude of spaces – a master suite or guest quarter’s wing would be the picture-perfect setting.


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Best in Show: Furniture, By Western Hands Invitational 2022

People’s Choice Award, By Western Hands Invitational 2022

Inspired by the mysterious romaticism of Old World European hunting camps, Brad has created a fun, interactive furniture piece that is perfectly suited for a small bar, yet can lend itself well to other uses. Utilizing a striking array of California hardwoods, repurposed metals, textured surfaces, traditional joinery, and meticulous carvings, Greenwood had created a masterwork. Delightful features such as a hidden pop-out key holder, room and task lighting, historic style lockable doors, and so much more, demonstrates the artist’s brilliant attention to detail.

Inside the cabinet you’ll find an upper shelf and lower platform shelf, both with hand-textured attributes. The lower platform can be removed should someone prefer more tabletop space. Interior task lighting and quaint fasteners mounted inside the doors hold an antique condiment holder and artisan carved wooded cocktail stirrer.

A beautiful pull out cutting board, drawer, rock screen outer shelf, and remarkable wildlife focal point complete the piece. A discreet button acts as a release to the hidden drop-down secret painting that emerges from behind the speakeasy grille, and a familiar face becomes visible. Appealing and refined, Brad’s distinctive nod to Old World design is creatively mastered for an inspiring experience.



Brown, Black, Yellow

Made of

English Walnut, Elm, Locust, Eucalyptus, White Oak, Bastogne Walnut, Pistachio, Mulberry, Buckthorn Bark, Forged Steel, Vintage Hardware, Antler, Copper Leaf Inlay

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.



Brad Greenwood


For the past thirty-five years Brad Greenwood has been designing, creating and carving furniture of hardwoods. His dedication to Old World woodworking techniques, combined with his creative use and in-depth understanding of hardwoods, characterizes his ingenuity. His work is durable and well composed, blending craftsmanship, design and proportion.

The artist is recognized for his intricate relief carvings, hand tooled and rough sawn surfaces, and striking combinations of hardwoods. Also noteworthy is his remarkable talent to integrate antique and long-standing resources into his works. He often creates entertaining furnishings that contain distinctive features such as dioramas, animatronics, games, secret compartments and more.


Artist’s reflection: “For me, solid wood is tangible and real.  Working with wood left close to its natural form pays homage to the history of the tree.  Inconsistencies such as color variations, cracks, knots, or historical artifacts signify a part of the tree’s life.  Its scars are a reflection of its past.  My furniture is so natural in character, being perfect is not considered a quality.”


Primarily self-taught, Brad had the opportunity as a boy to learn alongside his dad in his workshop. They spent time carving duck decoys, refinishing furniture, repairing household items, boats, cars, trucks and more. He took a strong interest in wood and metal shop in secondary school and early on studied under furniture maker and teacher, Michael Cooper. Over the years Brad has tenaciously sought a deeper understanding of traditional woodworking techniques and the characteristics of many wood species. Additionally, he has enhanced his knowledge of traditional metal and iron fashioning skills in the manner of respected craftsmen of yesteryear.

Best in Show: Furniture, By Western Hands Invitational 2022

People’s Choice Award, By Western Hands Invitational 2022