Silver Creek

Kevin Showell

Sculpted from Rocky Mountain driftwood and antler shed.

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About this piece

This sculpted Rocky Mountain driftwood with polished natural top, and pearlized silver bottom antler base is sourced from the local areas around Cody, Wy. This wonderful expression piece would becomplete on any mantel, or side table.



Polished Natural Top, Pearlized Silver Bottom

Made of

Driftwood, Antler, Steel

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a soft cloth.

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Kevin Showell


Kevin grew up in Cody, WY, where he was strongly influenced by Western art and the beauty of his mountain surroundings. Drawing and illustration were his first artistic expressions. He received the rare opportunity to apprentice under an Old World master wood carver from Athens, Greece, and spent five years carving European classic works and fixing a lot of broken furniture, an invaluable experience. Over the next twenty years he carved wildly and human figures and all manner of floral designs large and small. His current work focuses on designing and making architectural features, interior furnishings, and custom sculpture. Doing common things such as joinery and material selection in unexpected ways has become characteristic of his work. Beauty. Hope. Significance. These are a few of the things I hope you experience interacting with my work.