Large Gun Cabinet with Mountain Scene

Steve Winer

Large Gun Cabinet with Mountain Scene


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Skilled artisan and builder Steve Winer creates a magnificent, soft tawny Gun Cabinet. The designed mountain scene with pop-out storage is influenced by northern Colorado, creating a serene atmosphere for all gun enthusiasts.



22’’ D X 44.5’’ W X 86’’ H


100 lbs


tawny, maple, walnut

Made of

walnut, maple, glass

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth

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Steve Winer


Steve has been an artisan and builder in northern Colorado for more than thirty years. Many of his life experiences have influenced his design style. Growing up, he was exposed to the work of an uncle who built Queen Anne style furnishing. From this influence came a design style that combines the simplicity of the Arts and Crafts style with touches of contemporary western design. Today, Steve creates designs primarily by eye, feel, instinct, intuition and impulse, each piece is one-of-a-kind, made with the goal of improving on the raw materials to create texture, warmth, and eventually a beautiful expression.