Tipi Cover

Supaya Gray Wolfe

This tipi cover is from smoked tanned deer hide, sewn with sinew, many times over colored with earth dyes to get this color. Beaded and sewn by hand.


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About this piece

The tipi cover has a spiritual meaning for many tribes. This one has been colored many times over to achieve the color it is today. The hads stand for loved ones of the family both past and present. Black birds are a symbol of corn in many plains. They are the servants of the Corn Mother. Beaded and sewn by hand.



81’’ W X 47’’ H


All painted with natural dry earth paints.

Made of

Smoked tanned deer hide, Sinew, Glass beads, Earth dry paints, Army blanket

Care instructions

Gently Dust



Supaya Gray Wolfe


Supaya’s education comes from living on different reservations, Cherokee reservation, Pine Ridge South Dakota Lakota reservation, and the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Learning from elders, seeing and sharing old designs, listening and learning old stories. It was and is a good school for the heart. All her artwork is inspired by her time on the reservations.

Best in Show: Decorative Objects of Art, By Western Hands Invitational 2022