Lakota Childs Dress

Supaya Gray Wolfe

Trade cloth dress, hand carved bone elk teeth, glass beads.


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About this piece

This beautiful childs dress was a pleasure to make. Hand crafted from trade cloth. The dark blue with white beads = stars, the blue beads = water, green beads = grass and land. Hand sewn with sinew – lined with old style cotton material.



All natural earth paints.

Made of

Hand carved bone elk teeth, Glass beads, Sinew, Trade cloth

Care instructions

Gently Dust



Supaya Gray Wolfe


Supaya’s education comes from living on different reservations, Cherokee reservation, Pine Ridge South Dakota Lakota reservation, and the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Learning from elders, seeing and sharing old designs, listening and learning old stories. It was and is a good school for the heart.

Best in Show: Decorative Objects of Art, By Western Hands Invitational 2022