Horse Face Pottery #46

Sharon Widmer

“HF Series” #46, a tall vase with a 3D galloping horse.


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About this piece

“HF Series” #46 is a tall case in earthtones featuring a palomino horse with a wild mane and tail galloping out of the clay. Dramatic black lines are created by horse hair burned into the vase.



16.5’’ D X 6’’ W X 17’’ H


6 lbs


Earthtones, Black, White

Made of

Clay, Horse Hair, Feather

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a soft damp cloth.



Sharon Widmer


I was raised on horseback in a small mid-western town in Iowa where I was shaped by the western way of life. While in the second grade, I started barrel racing which led to competing and eventually winning championships. I’ve trained horses and coordinated national sponsorships for the World Toughest Rodeo. I learned how deep the human heart and the horse are connected.

I also raised five kids. I taught them the value of a hard day’s work and how to dig into the richness of life. I feel this richness in clay. Something special happens when I dig into a block of clay and start preparing it for the wheel. The clay is shaped by compression while it is in motion. Much like the refined, precise control I feel in the motion of my horse, a force of nature takes over and I am merely a channel for the creative spirit of a higher power, something greater than me.

My focus is to celebrate the horse and western lifestyle through clay and handcrafted pottery. I use clay, literally earth and fire, as the canvas to represent the forces of nature that connect nature and horses with humans. Most often, a horse’s hair is burned into my pieces creating bold, unique black lines. With that I feel the spirit of the animal becomes part of the vessel.

When it comes to life, I am all in. I am dedicated to nurturing my love of horses, creating art through clay and being an inspiration to my family.