Elk Jar with Lid

Sharon Widmer

Handmade jar depicting an elk with an antler shed lid.


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About this piece

Memories of Sharon’s avid hunter dad inspired this piece. An antler shed creates the lid handle, while etched drawings depict the tracks, antlers and silhouette of an elk.

The possibilities are endless, have a jar made in memory of a loved one, or depict a special memory. Ask about custom orders.



6’’ D X 8.5’’ W X 11’’ H


4 lbs


Earthtones, Acrylics

Made of

Clay, Horsehair, Antler Shed

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.



Sharon Widmer


I was raised on horseback in a small mid-western town in Iowa where I was shaped by the western way of life. While in the second grade, I started barrel racing which led to competing and eventually winning championships. I’ve trained horses and coordinated national sponsorships for the World Toughest Rodeo. I learned how deep the human heart and the horse are connected.

I also raised five kids. I taught them the value of a hard day’s work and how to dig into the richness of life. I feel this richness in clay. Something special happens when I dig into a block of clay and start preparing it for the wheel. The clay is shaped by compression while it is in motion. Much like the refined, precise control I feel in the motion of my horse, a force of nature takes over and I am merely a channel for the creative spirit of a higher power, something greater than me.

My focus is to celebrate the horse and western lifestyle through clay and handcrafted pottery. I use clay, literally earth and fire, as the canvas to represent the forces of nature that connect nature and horses with humans. Most often, a horse’s hair is burned into my pieces creating bold, unique black lines. With that I feel the spirit of the animal becomes part of the vessel.

When it comes to life, I am all in. I am dedicated to nurturing my love of horses, creating art through clay and being an inspiration to my family.