“The Bucktooth Chair”

Tony Panarisi

The Bucktooth Chair is hand-selected and finished in chokecherry branches, applied pole chokecherry details, with leather and red and black saddle blanket details.


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About this piece

Hand-selected and finished in chokecherry branches, applied pole chokecherry details and leather, with red and black saddle blanket details, storage compartment in the seat.



37’’ D X 37’’ W X 57’’ H


50 lbs


Dark Brown, Red, Gray

Made of

Chokecherry, Leather Upholstery

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.

Shipping & Delivery

Standard UPS



Tony Panarisi


Tony was born in Burbank, CA to a family that worked in the film industry. By age 19 he was building movie sets at Warner Brothers, MGM, and Universal Studios. He learned cabinetmaking by building sets for Westerns, outer-space movies, and even the presidential oval office. In 1981 he moved to Jackson Hole, WY where he did general carpentry, log homes, and lodgepole furniture for 29 years. He owes a lot of his knowledge and experience to his dad, who was also a cabinetmaker. Building in a variety of styles, Tony’s attraction seemed to gravitate to the style of Arts and Crafts, like Stickley, Green and Greene, and Limbert. Tony now lives with his wife on a ranch in Thayne, WY. He calls his line of furniture, National Park Inspirations.