Gold Pillow

Anne Beard

Handmade silk pillow.


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Using handwoven, iridescent Thai and Indian silks, Anne Beard has created a golden masterpiece in the form of a throw pillow. Pieced with rows of a staggered quilt pattern, the pillow with its golden hues, is reminiscent of the western bluffs and hogbacks at sunset. This accent pillow will blend beautifully with warm greys and give that pop of orange that is said to spark conversations.



22’’ W X 15’’ H



Made of

Handwoven, Iridescent Thai and Indian Silks

Care instructions

Avoid direct sunlight.

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Anne Beard


Anne grew up on a mountain ranch in Washington and lived on the Oregon high desert for the past twenty years. This region’s traditional lifestyles infuse her work with western character. A veteran of her craft, Anne’s fashion background is apparent in her appliqued upholstered furniture designs that range from tailored ottomans to nature-inspired armchairs. Anne was inspired by her mother, an award winning fiber artist and her brother, a custom woodworker. She admires and appreciates the entire range of western craft and often integrates it into her designs.

Blending the individual expression and functional practicality characteristic of the western legacy, I create one-of-a-kind upholstered furnishings for the contemporary lifestyle.