Old Faithful

Jenny Booth

A nod to our beloved Yellowstone National Park.

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As we know, the first sign of aggression with a buffalo is a kinked tail over their back as depicted here on this carved bison skull. One minute they look calm and disinterested, the next, you’re in trouble; hence the term “getting buffaloed”.



10’’ D X 30’’ W X 30.5’’ H


Brown, Green, Black, Cream

Made of

Bison Skull

Care instructions

Gently Dust

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Jenny Booth


“I love to be outside. The sights and smells of the mountains make me feel alive. I take my experiences of living and playing in “God’s Country” and make them come alive in my work.” Wyoming artist Jenny Booth has been honing her skills as a carver since 1985. Once an active outdoorswoman and competitive equestrian, Jenny hung up her spurs and saddle in 2011 to carve full time. Since then, she has been honored with several awards from the Western Design Conference and Cody High Style. Jenny embraces the challenge of carving, which she calls, “a backwards form of art,” because she starts with a solid and removes material to bring life into her vision for each carving. She strives to capture the kinetic feel of life and flow and is constantly pushing her own envelope with new designs, subjects, and patterns.