Abalone Basket

Karey Dodge

Abalone shell centerpiece with turmeric dyed needles, various beads and colors; blue, purple and orange.


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About this piece

Inspired by fall colors, a splash of orange, blue, purple and a beautiful abalone shell as the centerpiece, Indian wrap, and cross stitches throughout.



3’’ D


Brown, Purple, Orange, Blue

Made of

Pine Needles, Abalone Shell, Beads, Waxed Linen Thread

Care instructions

Gently dust.

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Karey Dodge


Karey was born and raised on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in Carnelian Bay. She still makes her home here after 57 years. Surrounded by nature from an early age, she developed her love for skiing, hiking, and the many pleasures Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Karey, whose love for travel was fueled by a year as an exchange student in the Philippines, she left Lake Tahoe in her twenties to see the world, including living in London, while working as a nanny for a family there. Later, she lived in Aniak, a remote village in the Alaskan Bush for two years, with the only way in or out was by air. She developed a liking for Native Alaskan art, especially the baskets woven by the Yupik Natives. Karey obtained a beautiful handmade basket from a Yupik elder and it has been one of her treasures for over 30 years.

Karey returned to Lake Tahoe and raised her two sons, passing on the affinity of the Lake Tahoe life style to the next generation.

After 25 years of service, Karey recently retired from a distinguished career at North Tahoe Public Utility District. Taking advantage of the time afforded her by her retirement; she has embarked on a journey to learn the ancient art of basket weaving, and has been inspired. She likes to incorporate nature into her baskets, such as found pieces of wood and bark, feathers, antique buttons, jewelry, beads and gemstones, such as, lapis, carnelians, and amethyst.

Karey is sharing her art, hoping that you will enjoy it as much as she enjoys creating it!