A Night out with the Boys

Brad Taylor

Sterling silver bracelet cuff.


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About this piece

Brad masterfully created a different bracelet cut with uncommon notches bringing uniqueness and rarity to this cuff, with depiction of bull elk throughout the bracelet.




Made of

Sterling Silver

Care instructions

Gently polish.



Brad Taylor


Brad graduated from Laramie High School in 1978 and attended Northwest College and the University of Wyoming. A 26-year career as a fine art teaching at Petersburg High School in Alaska led him to the perfect retirement jobs- metal arts and commercial fishing. The places in which he lives provides him with unsurpassed inspiration for his work. With nature’s beauty everywhere, he doesn’t have to look far! Brad’s work is a reflection of his life experiences and surroundings.

Brad has a passion for his creative work as well as coaching. He is the Cross-Country coach and the Track and Field coach for the local high school.

“Heat, metal, shape, texture, and solitude- losing myself and finding forms. It is the process between nature and design that gives my artistic world clarity and order.” -Brad