Robert Smith

Elder burl vase.


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Flagstaff’s smooth finish and rich, deep color make it a stunning addition to any home or office decor. Whether displayed on its own or used as a decorative accent, Flagstaff is sure to draw attention and admiration. Its sturdy construction and timeless design make it a versatile piece that can be enjoyed for years to come. Whether as a gift for a loved one or as a special treat for yourself, Flagstaff is a true work of art that will be cherished for its beauty and quality.



8’’ W X 4’’ H


2 lbs



Made of

Elder Burl

Care instructions

Gently dust.



Robert Smith


Robert Smith resides with his family in Cody, Wy.  Robert is a self-taught turner, and has been turning wood for 15 years. A work accident left him disabled but as that door closed, turning became the opening door. He particularly likes working on two particular types of wood. The first type of wood he looks for is rather unstable, like manzanita or different root balls. In these raw pieces he sees a shape or form inside the voids and around inclusions. In his opinion, these pieces harbor the most beautiful and delicate shapes. The finished piece is inside, he just has to get it out! The other type of wood is solid and stable where he can make any shape or form he wishes. The pieces he creates from that wood, are the ones that he pushes the boundaries on in unlimited shapes and go as thin as possible.