“The Least of These” Desk

Dan Rieple

“The Least of These” Handmade Curvilinear Gambel Oak Desk with Oyster Veneer Inlay and Artisan-Made Stained Glass


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About this piece

Dan Rieple is a master of creating show-stopping pieces! The Least of These is a writing desk made from scrub oak, the “least” of the mighty oaks. It is a fluid piece displaying various aspects of the lowly Gambel Oak including all of its many natural flaws, which I prefer to call features. This desk is perfect for any home, office or if you want a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted desk as a focal point in your home.



43’’ D X 84’’ W X 39’’ H


175 lbs


light brown, brown accents, white

Made of

gambel oak, oyster veneer inlay, stained glass

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth

Shipping & Delivery

White Glove



Dan Rieple


Dan fell in love with woodworking when he was fourteen. His dad, a bricklayer, had already stirred his interest, so his time in the Industrial Arts program at high school and subsequent Industrial Arts degree equipped him for the last thirty years in the profession. Dan prefers to work in wood of all varieties but especially the more obscure and less desirable as they tend to be quite different. Dan says, wood is like an artist’s canvas that is already half painted. We wood workers/artists just have to do the other half of what is already beautiful and try to increase the beauty and or functionality. Dan is adamant that art furniture should not be a hands-off object. Art furniture should possess a quality that invites the viewer to touch and feel it, as a necessary part of the whole experience. His inspirations range from major life experiences, the wilds of nature, and cultures he’s traveled among, and influences range from masters like Mondrian to Mackintosh, and movements like Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau.