Stone Cold

Dennis Friedly

Marble handle knife with steel blade and gold inlay.


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About this piece

Unique Picasso marble rock handle, paired with an amazing mosaic Damascus steel blade and fittings. Friedly is a 24k gold inlay to finish the beauty of this incredible knife.




Made of

Mosaic Damascus

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.

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Dennis Friedly


Dennis was lucky to have found his passion early in his life, and has been making knives ever since. A resident of Cody, Dennis apprenticed to a master in the early 70’s, and continues the traditions he learned under master tutelage by continuing to make one of the same kinds of knives. Dennis continues to innovate and develop his skills by making fixed blade hunters, bowies, daggers, camp knives, and folders. Dennis does all of the bladework, grinding, and buffing himself, while the embellishments are added by a range of engravers and scrimshaw artists. Ivory, including mammoth and ancient walrus, and exotic woods such as ironwood and tamarind are Dennis’ favorite handle materials, and lend themselves well to carving and other embellishment. Dennis prides himself for the symmetry and crispness of his grinds. Even on the biggest of his blades, he is known for his free hand, flowing lines.