Game Table Chairs

John & Ian Gallis

Game table chairs by Al Boswell.


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About this piece

Chairs and seating have been the main focus of Al Boswell’s wood-working career. These chairs go perfectly with John Gallis’ game table, sold as a set with the table or sold separately as set of chairs.



18.5’’ D X 19.5’’ W X 39’’ H


20 lbs


Chestnut Spice, Blonde Accents, Dark Walnut

Made of

African Cherry, Walnut, Juniper

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.

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John & Ian Gallis


A native of Long Island, John established a lucrative career building custom cabinetry for Bloomingdale’s before moving west to Cody, Wyoming. He worked for a local furniture maker in town before opening Norseman Designs West, where he created his own line of awardwinning high-end western furniture. John combines the simple honesty of Shaker style with the flowing curves of Art Nouveau. Wood is his favorite medium; it is warm and forgiving, and he enjoys incorporating different textures into his pieces. He finds that each species of wood has its own unique scent and characteristics. He particularly likes working with walnut and juniper, as they blend well and complement each other. John searches out exotic examples of these woods, focusing on their figure and grain to enhance the overall look of the piece itself. He says he tries not to overwork the wood to be something it’s not. John gains inspiration from nature and by studying the work of the masters, from Shaker to Stickley, from Art Nouveau to Cody’s own Thomas Molesworth. John’s son, Ian, has been working with him for the past fifteen years and plans to continue the Gallis legacy into the next generation. Whether crafted by the father or son, each Norseman Designs West piece is highly refined, elegantly composed, and decidedly original.