Buffalo Tracks in Snow

Supaya Gray Wolfe

Buffalo Headdress Long, the middle (from top to bottom) of hide is cust to make the headdress. Hand painted feathers, painted with earth dyes and glass beads.


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About this piece

The bead pattern is called “Buffalo Tracks in Snow”. Buffalo headdresses were usually worn by warrios. The were made using Buffalo fura and tail. This type of headdress was important for ceremonial and spiritual celebrations. Only well know male warriors wore them.



painted with natural earh paints

Made of

buffalo hide, hand painted feathers, glass beads, deer hide

Care instructions

Handle with Care



Supaya Gray Wolfe


Supaya’s education comes from living on different reservations, Cherokee reservation, Pine Ridge South Dakota Lakota reservation, and the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Learning from elders, seeing and sharing old designs, listening and learning old stories. It was and is a good school for the heart.