Beaded Stool

Jimmy & Lynda Covert

Hand-beaded leather and juniper stool.


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About this piece

This footstool is a perfect example of Jimmy and Lynda Covert’s creative collaboration. Lynda’s delicate bead work surrounds the sumptuous leather top and whimsical fringe perched on rustic juniper legs.



10 lbs



Made of

Juniper, Cowhide

Care instructions

Gently wipe with a clean cloth.

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Jimmy & Lynda Covert


The Coverts have been a part of this community of artisans for many years. Jimmy originally apprenticed near Cody with Ken Siggins, before opening his own shop and Lynda learned the art of beadwork from the Sioux near her childhood home in South Dakota. The couple works on their own projects and also collaborates on projects regularly. Jimmy has become known for his native juniper and pine driftwood furnishings with an organic, art-nouveau-inspired appeal, while Lynda embraces hides of various textures and adds beads to reflect the colors of the natural world that gives them both their inspiration.

We hiked yesterday and the blue sky against the sandstone was just gorgeous. I think what I get the most from being outside is the colors.