Like many design movements, western style has and will have its peaks and valleys. However, after over 100 years, this movement is more than a trend. Western design represents the authenticity of functional art. It speaks to a sense of place by using elements reminiscent of location and evocative of natural and rustic beauty. Those artisans who create these unique pieces represent the West in the truest sense of its ethics, its purity, and its ability to capture our imagination.

Cody has been at the core of this movement since the beginning. As venerable craftsmen, John Gallis, said, “I thought and still believe, Cody was the furniture capital of the West.” There is history worth preserving, talent worth defending, and a future worth building.

With this in mind, preserving the legacy of western design for future generations to enjoy is the goal of the By Western Hands Design Center, located in Cody, Wyoming. To accomplish this goal, The Design Center plan includes a stand-alone structure with a gallery, museum and education space to be used for training. The Design Center will be dedicated to promoting Western functional art and design, creating a new generation of craftsmen and artists in the Western tradition.

It will be up to the craftsmen, and those who believe and support them to decide how they will forge ahead.

The time is now.